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Does traveling through a country count as a selected country?

If you simply travel through a country without stopping in that country does it count as a country on the "4 country select rail pass"? We are traveling from Paris to Nice to inner-Switzerland to Amsterdam. Trying to find out if we can purchase the select pass and be okay? Would we have to go through Italy to get from Nice to Interlachen or Lucern?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 16, 2014 16:03
    Hi Zach,

    Generally, all countries being traveled through would have to be accounted for on the pass that you choose. With that said, the most feasible rail connections from Nice to Interlaken would not take you through Italy. Instead, you would want to include Germany as your 4th country, because the best connections from Interlaken to Amsterdam would take you through Germany, not France.

    Therefore, you would include France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Benelux on your Eurail Select Pass. The Netherlands is included as a part of the 'Benelux'. The Benelux covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and counts them as one country for the purpose of rail passes.

    You would purchase the Eurail Select Pass here:

    The most feasible rail connections from Nice to Interlaken involve 2 train changes along the way and take you back up through France and into Switzerland. En route, you would change trains in Geneva and Bern, or else you would change trains in Avignon and Basel.

    After you add the pass to your 'Itinerary' (shopping cart), you would click 'Read More' in the light yellow box where it says 'Check to determine if you need reservations when traveling with your rail pass'. A button that says 'Add Reservation' would then appear just below, which is what you would click to purchase your reservations.

    Reservable trains in this part of Europe can be booked once within 90 days of intended date of departure. Due to very high demand, trains on these routes can sell out very quickly (especially the trains from Paris to Nice), so it would be recommended that reservations be purchased as soon as possible.
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