Dog on trains

I will travel from Paris and Switzerland/ Alpine trains. He is a golden retriever and I know the cost...but does he have to be crated ?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) October 16, 2017 21:01
    Hi Jane,

    A crate would not be necessary. When traveling with a dog, you would only have to expect the following:

    1.) The requirement that your dog be leashed, and in some cases, even muzzled

    2.) The possibility that the conductor would move you to another part of the train if any neighboring passengers object to the presence of your dog

    3.) The need of a separate ticket for your dog. You would purchase the ticket for your dog at the station before you board. Generally, a dog ticket would be 25-50% off the local price of a 2nd class ticket (even if you’ll be traveling in 1st class).

    4.) The requirement of appropriate documentation, such as a dog registration certificate and health card.
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