Emotional Support Dog on train from Lisbon to Vigo

Is it possible for me to take my emotional support dog on a train from Lisbon Portugal to Spain. He is not a small dog -- he weighs 32 kilos. Thank you for your help.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) December 07, 2017 17:15
    Hi Michelle,

    I'm sorry, please disregard my previous response. I just noticed that you mentioned your destination is Vigo. In any case, I'm sorry to say that a dog of that size would not be allowed on board the trains you'd need.

    When it comes to travel with dogs, Spain is the most restrictive country, and this also would apply to trains operating internationally between Portugal and Spain, including the Lisbon-Madrid night train and the Celta trains from Porto to Vigo. In Spain, a dog's weight must not exceed 10 kg and would have to be able to fit within an enclosed carrier with a maximum size of 60x35x35 cm.

    A connection from Lisbon to Vigo does involve changing trains once in Porto along the way.
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  • Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for your kind response and for taking the time to research my question so completely. I will continue with my plans to drive. Please know that I love your trains and will be taking them when I don't have my dog with me.
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