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I am a citizen of India and a official permanent resident in Germany living here with my wife for more than 2 years. My wife also has the same status. Now my parents and my younger brother are visiting me and we want to roam around Germany and neighbouring European countries with train for 15 days. Can I take the eurail pass for all 5 of us or do I need to restrict me and my wife with Interrail pass and eurail pass is only for the visitors or can I take a eurail pass for all of us ??
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 13, 2018 14:58

    If you are permanent resident of Germany, I'd imagine that you would be eligible to purchase an Interrail Pass. However, if you have questions about Interrail Passes, you would have to contact a vendor who sells them.

    At this messageboard, we represent the seller of passes and tickets for residents of North American countries. With that being the case, we are not able to sell Interrail Passes, since those are for European residents.

    As a citizen of India, I can tell you that you would be eligible to purchase a Eurail Pass. Generally, residents of countries outside of North America book through the seller for their specific country or region. Since you are from India, it is likely that you booked through the seller there, and they are who you would have to contact with questions about your specific order. Their website is For assistance, you would click the 'Contact Us' link at the top of their homepage.
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