Eurail Pass validity on Italian regional trains, like from Milan to Como?

Hi,We are planning to visit Lake Como. We will be taking the train from Milan Central station uptil Lake Como Central station which is COMO S.GIOVANNI. The train is a regional train run by Trenitalia. Is the Eurail pass valid on the regional Trenitalia trains considering the website says that Eurail pass is valid on all Trenitalia trains??Also, Is lake Como worth visiting for half a day?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 29, 2017 17:12
    Hi Disha,

    Yes, rail passes do cover the regional trains from Milan to Como. Rest assured, any rail pass that includes Italy is valid to cover the regional trains in Italy ('Regionale' and 'Regionale Veloce' trains). The regional trains do not accept reservations, so a rail pass is all that would be needed to board.

    For planning purposes, you can view schedules for trains from Milan to Como by doing a search on the homepage of our website, For the regional trains on this route to display, you would just need to click the 'No' button where it asks "Are you traveling with rail pass?" (even though you will actually have a rail pass).

    From Milan to Como, there are also EC (EuroCity) trains, on which a rail pass would also be valid.

    I'm not sure if a half day would be enough to enjoy a place like Como. It might be the kind of place you need a little more time to enjoy, so you can get out on the lake and visit some of the other villages.
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