When I search routes (such as between Paris & Amsterdam) & say that I'm traveling with a Eurail Select Pass, it still shows a price? Is this the price if I did not have a rail pass, or is this an additional fare?

when looking for travel times between destinations, Such as between Paris and Amsterdam, i am asked if traveling with a rail pass. After i answer yes and select the Eurail Select Pass I am then showed the travel times for which i am looking, but also shown a separate price from the Rail pass. Is this price what it would cost me if i did not have a rail pass, or is this an additional fare?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 12, 2015 19:35
    Hi David.

    The costs you're seeing are for seat reservations. A rail pass covers the ticket costs on trains between different cities in the country or countries included on a pass. When applicable, reservations are a supplementary cost to a rail pass. Considering that any costs for needed reservations would be embedded into the cost of individual point-to-point tickets, a rail pass still often works out to be the most economical option for travelers taking multiple trains while in Europe.

    Reservations are required on most high-speed trains, many international routes, and all overnight trains. The trains between Paris and Amsterdam are high-speed 'Thalys' trains, which do require reservations in addition to a rail pass.

    For travel with a rail pass, you would check reservation costs and purchase any reservations by clicking on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on our homepage, entering a route, and indicating the type of pass you'll be traveling with (i.e. the Eurail Select Pass).

    To ensure that it is a 'Passholder' reservation fee that you're being quoted when you pull up the results of your search, you would click the 'View' button for the cost listed under your preferred class of service for your preferred departure. After you click the 'View' button, a box will expand out underneath. In this box, you would refer to the option(s) listed under where it says 'Ticket Flexibility' and click 'Read More'. Generally, the 'Passholder' fares for the Thalys trains between Paris and Amsterdam would be the 'Semi Flexible' option under 'Ticket Flexibility'. For a train between Paris and Amsterdam, the name of the fare should display as 'Thalys Passholder 1' after you click 'Read More'.

    If you happen to see a box that looks like this:

    corresponding to a specific departure when you pull up the results of a passholder reservation search, that means that you're being quoted the regular ticket cost for that option instead of the actual passholder reservation fee. This could be because the passholder fares have already sold out for that option, or else it could mean that you have to try some other method of booking the reservation for that option.

    Generally, trains between Paris and Amsterdam can be booked once within 90 days of an intended date of departure. These trains can sell out quickly, so it would be recommended that the reservations be purchased in advance.
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