Eurail Pass coverage of: Le Frecce trains Milan-Venice-Florence, ferries within Venice, GoldenPass Lucerne-Montreux, & Inter City trains within Switzerland, Italy, & Austria

Hello,I am travelling to 3 countries - Swiss, Austria and Italy. I am planning to travel intercities using the eurail pass(1st class). I would need to clarify the following - Trains between Milan-Venice-Florence using Le Frecci trains - Are they absolutely free with the eurail pass or should i be paying extra ticket fare. Boarding Ferries to travel within Venice - Are they free as well with Eurail passOBB trains in Austria ( travel between countries/night trains) are they free with Eurail passGolden Pass line Scenic train from Lucerne to Montreaux - Is that free with Eurail 1st class passInter city trains within Swiss, Italy and Austria( two ways) - are they free with eurail passIf i have to opt for sector passes for e.g. Swiss pass/Italy pass alone - they which one is beneficial. - Eurail select 3 pass or Sector pass
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) January 24, 2017 22:24
    Hi Shree,

    For the Eurail Select Pass, you would click here:

    A rail pass covers ticket costs on trains. When applicable, reservations are a supplementary cost to a rail pass. Reservations are required on most high-speed trains, many international routes, and all overnight trains. The Le Frecce trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, and Frecciargento) in Italy do require reservations in addition to a rail pass. Therefore, to go along with your pass, you would have to book reservations for your travel between Milan, Venice, and Florence.

    The GoldenPass route runs from Lucerne to Montreux and involves changing trains in Interlaken and Zweisimmen along the way.

    Of the trains comprising of the GoldenPass route, reservations would only be recommended on the segment from Zweisimmen to Montreux.

    For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase any reservations by clicking the 'Seat Reservations' tab on our homepage (, entering a route, and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a 'Eurail Three Country Select Pass').

    On the segments of the GoldenPass route from Lucerne to Interlaken and Interlaken to Zweisimmen, reservations are possible but not necessary. If you'd like to have reservations on those segments, you would just have to piece together the full connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Therefore, you would end up doing one search for trains from Lucerne to Interlaken, another search for trains from Interlaken to Zweisimmen, and another search for connecting trains from Zweisimmen to Montreux.

    Generally, Le Frecce trains can be reserved within 90-120 days of an intended departure date, while GoldenPass trains can only be reserved within 90 days of an intended departure date.

    Within Austria, it would just depend on the train, but most trains would not require or even accept reservations. If you happen to be taking a Railjet train in Austria, then reservations would be recommended. Railjet trains can be reserved once within 90 days of an intended departure date.

    I'm sorry, but rail passes do not cover ferries within Venice. You can view various city passes and tours for a stay in Venice by clicking here: Here you'll find various passes that include gondola rides or boat tours.
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  • Thanks Jeff. Basis your response, i can still go ahead with the Eurail select 3 pass rather than going with individual country pass. In case i am visiting to any nearby stations ( hop on hop off) that is still going to be free right within these 3 countries except for extra-reservation costs.

    I am going to get First class eurail pass(3 countries) and would that come up with extra benefits. Can you help me with key benefits that i can avail by buying first class eurail pass.

    Thanks again for helping
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