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How to reserve seat from Lucerne to Italy

If I have a Eurail Select pass and travel from Lucerne, Switzerland to Venice, Italy, is that covered in that pass, or do we pay extra for that leg?
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  • You are correct, if you have Eurail Select Pass that includes Switzerland and Italy the Lucerne to Venice train route is covered. However, you would need reservations for a segment of this train route which is an additional fee. The best travel option involves three trains: Lucerne to Arth-Goldau (30 minutes), Arth-Goldau to Milan (3 hours) and Milan to Venice (2 hrs and 30 min). While the first two trains are open seating with no reservations, the Milan to Venice train is reserved. You can access passholder reservations for this train at . You would be able to access this train route within 90 days of the train travel date.
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