Eurail Global Pass - Does it include transport within cities? How likely is it that we wouldn't get a seat on a train? How early do you have to reserve a night train?

Hi there,

My friend and I are travelling around Europe for 3 months and are researching whether the Global Pass is the best way of transport.

Does the pass include transport within a city as well as between countries?
How likely is it that we wouldnt get a seat on a train?
How early do you have to book if you want to reserve a seat on an overnighter?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) May 22, 2014 14:40
    Hi Rosa,

    Like most rail passes, the Eurail Global Pass generally does not include subway networks and bus service within cities in Europe.

    There is one notable exception; however, being that the pass will cover travel on the 'S-Bahn' trains that operate within major German cities (except for many of the S-Bahn lines in Berlin, in which case, you would just use your pass to board any of the regional trains that run along the same routes as the S-Bahn). In Berlin, a pass that includes Germany is valid to cover travel on the main S-Bahn line that cuts east-west across the city and the S-Bahn line that cuts north-south (these two lines intersect at the Hbf station in the heart of Berlin). The S-Bahn lines throughout Berlin that feed into these two lines are the ones that are not covered by any rail pass.

    In contrast, a Eurail Global Pass does not cover the 'U-Bahn' subway trains operating within German cities.

    For major cities like London and Paris, we do happen to offer city passes that will cover their respective subway networks. For instance, you could purchase a 'Paris Visite' or a 'Paris Pass' for travel on the Métro and RER networks in Paris, and you could purchase a 'London Travel Card' for travel in the Tube in London.

    If you ever wish to see what city passes may be offered for a particular city, you would click on 'Activities' from the homepage of our website and then identify the city and country where prompted.

    There are many trains that will require reservations. For instance, reservations are required on all night trains, many international routes, and most high-speed trains. For such trains, you would just want to be sure to purchase your reservations in advance, prior to departing for Europe. Most reservable trains can be booked once within 90 (or sometimes 60) days of an intended date of departure. For some of these trains, including overnight trains, you would want to be sure to purchase your reservations as soon as that time window arrives, because they are known to sell out very quickly. This also includes reservable trains in France and internationally operating trains between France and bordering countries. There are certain overnight trains ('City Night Line' trains) that can be booked within 90 and 180 days of a departure date.

    If you book your reservable trains accordingly, you would ensure you'll have seats on those trains.

    You would purchase the Eurail Global Pass here:

    After you add a rail pass to your 'Itinerary' (shopping cart), you would click 'Read More' in the light yellow box where it says 'Check to determine if you need reservations when traveling with your rail pass'. A button that says 'Add Reservation' would then appear just below, which is what you would click to purchase your reservations.

    If checking passholder reservation costs before then, you would just click on 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations' on the homepage of our website, instead of 'Find Fares & Schedules'.
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