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I’m confused!

Eurail - Reservation for a different class?

I'm planning to get a 1st class Eurail Select Pass for 3 countries, for my upcoming trip. I'm trying to figure out how much more I will need to pay for the reservation of the trips I'll be making, and I noticed that I get prices for different classes. Can I book a different class from the one on my ticket?

For example, I was looking to travel from Strasbourg to Köln, and I got that, for that specific leg I could book a reservation for $31 in 2nd class and $55 in 1st class. My question is, Could I get away with reserving in 2nd class if my pass is a 1st class pass?

Thanks in advance.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 02, 2012 15:22
    Hi Maria,

    With a 1st class rail pass, you would be able to book your reservations for either 1st or 2nd class. Therefore, since you'll be traveling with the 1st class Eurail Select Pass, you can go ahead and book your Strasbourg-Köln reservations in 2nd class if you wish.

    In contrast, if you happened to be traveling with a 2nd class rail pass, you would only be able to purchase your reservations for 2nd class.
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