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If selecting Benelux as one of the countries for a Euro Select Pass, why isn't the train from Brussels to Rotterdam covered under this pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 19, 2013 21:31

    Technically, a rail pass is supposed to cover all Thalys trains. Thalys is the type of high-speed train that connect Brussels and Rotterdam; however, Thalys has currently made it so that passholder reservations are not able to be sold for this route. As a result, even if you will be traveling with a rail pass that covers the Benelux, you would be required to purchase a regular point-to-point to take one of the Thalys trains on this route.

    With that said, there are regular 'Intercity' trains on this same route from Brussels to Rotterdam, which operate frequently and don't even accept resevations. These trains depart about once every 2 hours, and your rail pass is all you would need to board. For this particular route, we would encourage you to take one of these trains, as opposed to one of the high-speed trains. The regular Intercity trains do take about 40 minutes longer than the high-speed trains, but you would not have to purchase an additional ticket since the rail pass covers them entirely.

    For planning, you can check schedules for trains from Brussels to Rotterdam by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website, You would scroll through the schedules that display in order to locate one of the Intercity trains. The high-speed Thalys trains will be labeled as such and will have a 4 digit train number that begins with a '9'. The Intercity trains will be labeled simply as 'Train' and will have a 4 digit train number that begins with a '1'.

    If you were to do a search for passholder reservations under 'Book your Rail Pass Reservations', a message may display that says 'Eurail Select Pass does not cover the train from BRUSSELS to ROTTERDAM'; however, please disregard that statement, as you can rest assured that the pass is still valid on the Intercity trains on this route. We apologize for any confusion.
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