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Is a saver pass valid if the entire trip is identical except for the last leg? My travel partner and I are going to have the same exact itinerary at the start of the trip until the last leg of the trip. He needs to travel via train to one more location than I do. Can he do so with a saver pass if I do not accompany him on the last leg? The trip details are as follows:

Rotterdam to Frankfurt (traveling together, same times)
Frankfurt to Copenhagen (traveling together, same times) - end of trip for one traveler
Copenhagen to Frankfurt (only one traveler)
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 10, 2013 18:34

    With the scenario you describe, your travel partner would be able to use the Saver pass for his last leg, even though you would not be taking that train with him. A problem would only arise if you needed to take another train that same day, because only one of you would be able to have the voucher that is needed to board in your possession. You would both just need to be present when you validate the pass before your first trip.
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