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Euro Rail Pass or No Pass? Switzerland and Italy rail Family trip

I'm trying to purchase tickets for my family (myself, wife, daughter) today from Zurich to Venice on 7/28 on COMFORT faire. Prior to this, just the two of us (myself+wife) are making plans to tour Switzerland by train (lucerne, interlaken, zermatt, jubfrau) . I need help with these questions:
1) my wife is 60 yrs old. when i enter her BD it says that her BD is invalid. Is there a special process for folks 60 or older?
2) in addition from Switzerland to Venice, we are also trying to buy 3 tickets for Venice to Florence on 7/30 and Florence to Milan on 8/1. i assume that it is best to purchase the tickets separately without rail pass or is it beneficial to purchase a Europass
3) should my wife and i buy a Switzerland rail pass for above the 4-5 train rides?
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