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European East Pass What would be the difference in 1st and 2nd class?.

We will start in Prague to Krakow and would like the overnite train on 29 May. Does the overnite count as 2 days of the pass and do we need reservations? What would the difference be with 1st and 2nd class?
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  • The overnight train would take 1 day off a pass that covers the entire journey. If a combination of 2 passes is used, then it would take a day off of each pass. The overnight trains that operate along that route carry single & double sleepers, 6-person couchettes, and reclining seats.

    The Passholder reservations for the night train(s) between Prague and Krakow may be purchased via our contact center. You may call Rail Europe at 888-438-7245 and one of Rail Europe’s travel consultants will be able to assist in booking the required reservations.
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