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I’m thankful

Excellent Customer Service!

On July 2nd we took the Thalys TGV train from Paris to Amsterdam. My sister made the booking online and mistakenly entered July 3rd as our departure date. We didn't find the error until we boarded. Your train crew gladly helped us purchase new tickets for the trip and worked with us when none of our American credit cards would work in your system. After cobbling together the cash from other members of our traveling party, we secured our tickets. I want to express my gratitude to your staff members. They turned what could have been a disaster into a great trip. They were friendly, sympathetic and courteous. They went above the call of duty.
I want to mention specifically that our interactions with Jean-Pierre and Luc were fantastic. We were on train 9327 (14/2/07). Luc worked with us to get our tickets. He never lost his patience and was tremendously helpful. Jean Pierre stopped in frequently and chatted with us to make sure we were comfortable and enjoying the trip. He was friendly and talked with us about Amsterdam, France and our home, the US.
We expressed our gratitude to both Luc and Jean Pierre, but I wanted to make sure Thalys knew of their kindness and generous natures. Thank you for turning a tense time into an enjoyable journey to Amsterdam.

Jennifer Griffin