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Fast baggage service

Fast Baggage from Zurich train station to Engelberg train station for the same day collection,how much does it cost per luggage , is there any limited of luggage size and when is the latest time to collect the luggage at Engelberg train station?
Also pls advise if there is any luggage storage at Zurich Airport train station , Zurich train station ,Lucern, Interlaken ,Thun, Brienz ? How much does it cost for luggage storage at the train station and for how long can the luggage be stored ?
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  • Hi Nathan,

    Fast baggage is $26.00 per piece of luggage. There is no limit on the amount of luggage you can transfer and but there are weight restrictions for your luggage. Each item of baggage may weigh up to a maximum of 25 kilograms/55 pounds. Bicycles cannot be transported as Fast Baggage.

    If you check your luggage in before 9am then you can collect your luggage at its destination, for you Engelberg, after 18:00.

    For lockers at other stations, there are lockers in Zurich (lockers are in the lower level part of the station), Lucerne and Interlaken, however, for the smaller stations like Thun and Brienz I do not believe they will have lockers or left luggage. Cost of lockers will depend on the size. Some stations will also have left luggage where you can check your luggage in for a certain time and price. These will vary depending on the station and length of time it is left.

    I hope this information is useful to you in planning your trip. Have a great day.
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