Ferry from Salerno to Palermo, Sicily

My family and I wish to take the ferry from Salerno to Palermo this summer. Is this covered under our Eurail pass? And where can I acquire more information and book the reservations?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 21, 2012 16:38
    Hi Anthony,

    As a special bonus, any 'Eurail' pass that includes Italy enables travelers to receive a 20% discount on the Grimaldi Line ferries between Salerno and Palermo.

    To book tickets for the ferry, you would go to the site for Grimaldi Lines, www.grimaldi-lines.com. If you'll be traveling with a rail pass that includes Italy and would like to receive the discount, you would fill out the form there titled 'EURAIL INTERRAIL'. The phone number for Grimaldi Lines is +39 081 496 444, and their contact email is info@grimaldi.napoli.it.
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