First time traveling to Nice, France; which product will suit them better?

My son and his friend will be traveling to Nice in July this year. They will be traveling by train to other destinations; my question is which would you recommend for them: Rail Map Europe or European Rail Timetable? From the website ( ) it looks as though these are updated frequently. If I purchase it for them now, will it still have valid times for July? Which is going to give them the most information on where they may want to go? Thanks!
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 17, 2019 21:21
    Hi Jan,

    I'm not familiar with 'Rail Map Europe', but the 'European Rail Timetable' is the most comprehensive resource for rail schedules. 'European Rail Timetables' are issued monthly (however, rail schedules do not usually change that much, if at all, from month to month). You could wait to order the one for June or July. the 'European Rail Timetables' can be purchased at

    They can also try checking by searching routes under 'Book Train Tickets' on the homepage of our website ( the closer they get to their travel dates.
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