Flight / Train connections in Frankfurt

My family and i will be arriving in Frankfurt on May 6 @ 8:35 am . We will need time to collect luggage, clear customs and get to train. I believe there is a train terminal at Frankfurt airport.

What would be a reasonable time to make a train reservation to take us to nuremburg? There are trains at 11:37 am, 12:02 pm, 12:37 pm....and later. I would like to leave a bit of wiggle room shoudl our flight be delayed as well.

Any suggestions?

And any thoughts on first class vs second class?
Thanks for any information.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 25, 2013 20:39
    Hi V,

    Yes, there is a major rail station located right at the Frankfurt Airport in the lower level. The time it takes to get from the gate to the train station can depend on several factors. I would recommend allowing a time that is comparable to the amount of time it would take to travel through a typical major U.S. airport. It is also recommended that you allow at least an additional hour to get through customs, if arriving from overseas. Considering this, the earliest of the departure times you listed would work, but you might want to choose one of the later departures if you want to allow yourself more wiggle room like you suggested.

    For travel in Europe, I would recommend booking 1st class, just to get the most out of your trip and remain as comfortable as possible. On trains in Europe, 1st class offers more comfortable and larger seats, more leg room, and is often less crowded.
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