Is the Renfe Spain Pass a better option than the Eurail Spain Pass? For the Renfe Spain Pass, what equals a month? Is it July 26th to August 26th or is it 31 days from the first date?

My travel will be in Spain with my husband and three children.
Madrid to Malaga (RT)
Madrid to Sevilla (RT)
Madrid to Valencia (RT)
Madrid to Barcelona (One way)

In speaking with Rail Europe support - RENFE seems to be the better option than Eurail Spain.

Thank you.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 21, 2014 19:24
    Hi Jennifer,

    Of the Renfe Spain Pass and the Eurail Spain Pass, the Renfe Spain Pass is generally the more economical option.

    The month on the pass would be valid until the previous day of the following month from when you begin your travel. To elaborate, if you were to begin using the pass on July 26th, then the pass would be valid until August 25th at midnight. This is how it works no matter how many days comprise of the month a passenger intends to travel.

    You would purchase the Renfe Spain Pass here:

    Unlike all of our other rail passes, including the 'Eurail Spain Pass', the Renfe Spain Pass is electronic (you would receive an email from us with a link to print the pass) and reservation costs would be included in the cost of the pass.

    This pass is also distinguishable from our other passes in that it would be purchased for 'segments', as opposed to 'travel days'. A segment refers to each individual train you would be taking (i.e. '6 Segments in 1 Month'=6 different trains in 1 month).

    There are direct trains on each of the routes you mentioned. Assuming you take direct trains for each of the trips you mentioned, that would equal 7 segments; however, there is no 7 segment option of the Renfe Spain Pass. Therefore, for the itinerary you described, you would purchase the Renfe Spain Pass for '8 Segments in 1 Month'.

    For planning purposes, you can still just check schedules for your trips by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on the homepage of our website.

    For travel with the Renfe Spain Pass, you would submit your reservation requests by replying to an email that we'll send you once the order for your pass is processed.
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