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Four Country Pass

Hello. I will be traveling with my friend this summer to Europe. We will land in Spain and from there go to France, Italy, and Ireland. I was looking at the four country pass. Has anyone done this before? Questions. Is it through a specific train, Can we easily travel without a taxi once we get off the train, do we need to make reservations everytime, and does anyone recommend any cheap hotels or hostels in the areas? We will be heading to the most touristy parts, Paris, Rome, etc. Thank you I appreciate any input.
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  • The 4-country pass would be the good option for your travels. If you will be traveling more than 15 days, you may also want to consider a Eurail Global consecutive pass. This would allow unlimited rail travel for a designated amount of days. Many of the trains within Spain, France, & Italy will require reservations. Through partner companies, Rail Europe also offers many tours an travel cards within major cities in Europe.

    Information on the Eurail global pass may be found online at http://goo.gl/aLvj. Information on the various tours may be found online at http://www.raileurope.com/activities/.
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