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1. We will land in Paris, we will do local excursions there for four days. I want find out what are options for local travel in France (Luxemburg, NotreDame, Palace of Versailles, Eifle Tower, Musee De'Orsay, Lourve)

2. Then we want to travel to Switzerland from Paris. There we want to visit Zurich, Lucerne, Lake Geneva, Matterhorn, Lugano. Do you suggest we buy swisspass for local switzerland commute? We are here for 3 days.

3. Then we will travel to Venice for 2 days

4. Then we travel to Florance for 2 days

5. Then we go Rome for 4 days. Want to visit Vatical City, Forem, Collesium, Spanish steps, Pantheon. What do you suggest for local travel in Rome?

Your guidance is appreciated. We are Three adults and 2 kids under 15 years.
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