Travel from Lisbon, Portugal to Scotland?

Dear Sirs,
Travelling through Europe, from Lisbon is very difficult, as we take many hours to get to the centre of Europe. We have to cross mosto of Portugal and then much of Spain and half of France just to get to Paris.
So, if we want to travel by motorbike we need many days just to get somewhere and then the days we need to go and explore that somewhere.
In this case, we would like to go to Scotland.
I would like to know if you can tell me if that is possible (including the transportation of the motorbike), by train.
We would like to get from Bilbau or somewhere nearby, as soon as possible, to somewhere near Scotland, to then start our motorbike trip through Scotland.
Can you help us, please.
Thank-you for you time.
Yours Sincerely,
Maria Moreira.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 09, 2015 20:32
    Hi Maria. Thank you for your question.

    The shortest connection all the way from Lisbon to Scotland would involve at least 3 train changes en route; once in Hendaye, once in Paris, and then once in London. The segments from Lisbon to Hendaye and the segment from London to Scotland would both be on overnight trains. There overnight trains from London to either Edinburgh or Glasgow in Scotland.

    You would purchase tickets and check schedules by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage. For a trip such as this, you would piece together the connection by doing a separate search for each segment. Therefore, you would do one search to access the overnight train from Lisbon to Hendaye, another search for connecting trains from Hendaye to Paris the following morning, another search for connecting trains from Paris to London, and another search to access the overnight train from London to Edinburgh or London to Glasgow. The trains from Hendaye to Paris are high-speed TGV trains, and the trains from Paris to London are high-speed Eurostar trains.

    When doing your searches, you will see that the trains from Hendaye to Paris arrive into the Montparnasse station in Paris, while trains from Paris to London depart from the Nord station in Paris. To commute from the Montparnasse station to the Nord station, you would take M4 of the Paris Métro. The ride on the Métro from Montparnasse to Nord would take about 17 minutes.

    You will also see that the trains from Paris to London arrive into the St. Pancras station in London, while the night train from London to Edinburgh departs from the King's Cross station in London and the night train from London to Glasgow departs from the Euston station in London. Conveniently, the St. Pancras station and the King's Cross station happen to be right next to one another, so you would just walk to get from one to the other. To get from the St. Pancras station to the Euston station, you would take the Victoria Line or the Northern Line of the Tube. The ride between St. Pancras and Euston would only take about 5 minutes.

    You would pay to board the Paris Métro and the London Tube locally.
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