Geneva to Zermatt, then to Salzburg, Prague, and Munich

Coming to Oktoberfest and starting in Switzerland. I found times & rates for Geneva to Zermatt but can't get prices/times for the rest of the trip, other than the 8-day Eurorail pass. 2 adults in late Sept/Oct for 2 weeks.
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  • To get from Zermatt to Salzburg, requires a change of trains in Visp and Zurich.

    To get from Salzburg to Prague, requires a change of trains in Linz.

    From Prague to Munich there are direct trains or busses.

    In general, we can only make seat reservations within 60-90 days of the train travel date. Since your travel date falls outside the general booking horizon, you can enter a date within the next 60-90 days for approximate fares and schedules.
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