German rail pass and seat reservation

I am traveling from Switzerland to Berlin on May 5 using the Swiss Card pass and the German pass. My schedule is as follows: In Olten, Switzerland, I take the express train 370 that goes directly to Berlin HbF. I have a Swiss card that covers my trip in Switzerland. I also have the German pass valid for five days in one month. Question: Where do I validate my German pass? I hope, I won't have to get off the train.

I will return to Switzerland, using the same cards on May 10 from Dresden (ICE express train 1650 to Frankfurt, change trains to ICE 371 to Olten. Same question as above. Can I reserve the seats for my round trip in Switzerland at the time I start my trip? How much are they fees for reserving seats? my pass cards are for second class. Thank you very much for your help. Dora Wuethrich
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  • Hi Dora,

    You should be able to valide your German Rail Pass at the rail station in Switzerland, otherwise you can also validate the German Rail Pass with the train conductor once you cross the German border.
    You can only reserve the German trains in Germany, or we recommend you make reservations prior to departing for Europe. You can make these reservations on our website by using the following link: . The reservations will range from $11 to $35.
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