Germany Christmas Pass/Eurail Select Pass Clarifications.

Looking to travel on the following trains:
December 22nd 10:13pm-8:04am Munich to Berlin
December 24th 12:32am-10am Berlin to Amsterdam
December 26th 7pm-10am Amsterdam to Copenhagen.

All of which are on the City Night Line of DB Bahn. I was wondering if I could buy the German Rail Christmas pass for this even though I would not be traveling within Germany for part of the trip. If not, I suppose my next best bet is to buy a 5-day youth eurail select pass for 3 bordering countries? If so, I was wondering how either of these passes handle overnight trains. I assume there are additional charges to upgrade from 2nd class to, say, a 6-person couchette, but are they the same fares as with a regular ticket, or are the upgrades discounted with a rail-pass? Anything else I should know? Is the increase in service from second to first class worth it if I buy the saverpass, as i'm traveling with another person? Let me know!
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  • Hi Zack,

    The German Rail Pass will be valid for travel from Munich to Berlin and Berlin to Amsterdam.

    You will be required to make reservations on the overnight trains for your sleeping accomodations. You can make reservations by clicking on the folllowing link: . The fares you purchase on this link will only be valid for someone using the German Rail Pass. On the overnight train from Berlin to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Copenhagen you will purchase a passholder 2 fare which allows you to use the German Rail Pass.

    We do offer the German Twin Pass for 2 people traveling together at all times.
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