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I need to get from Munich, Germany to Alicante, Spain. I would consider an overnight train or fly to Madrid and than take a train from there to Alicante. When I try to search for available trains, I get a reply that no trains are available. I am searching incorrectly. Can any one help.
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  • The fastest way to get between Munich, Germany and Alicante, Spain by train is with a change of trains in Mannheim, Paris and Port Bou. The entire journey will take approximately 27 hours including a night train from Paris to Port Bou. Try searching for each segment separately.

    Please keep in mind that in Paris there will be a change of train stations from the Paris Est station to the Paris Austerlitz station. This station change can easily be done via the Paris Metro line 5 in the direction of Place d'Italie. The transfer will take approximately 40 minutes.

    If you decided to fly to Madrid, there are several direct trains from Madrid to Alicante that will take you approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes.
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