Will my ticket from Madrid Atocha to Seville provide for a free transfer from Madrid Airport to the Madrid Atocha station on C1?

If I purchase my ticket from Madrid Atocha to Seville on Rail Europe will the ticket provide the Combinado Cercanias 5 digit pass code that provides a free transfer on the Madrid Airport C1 to Atocha?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 31, 2017 20:41
    Hi Alan,

    I'm not sure about a "pass code", but your ticket from Madrid to Seville will be valid to cover you from the Madrid Airport to the Atocha station via C-1 of the Cercanías. The Cercanías transfer would just have to be done within 3 hours of your departure from Atocha to Seville. You would just have to take your Madrid-Seville ticket to the ticket window and they'll give you what you need.

    The Cercanías trains depart once every 30 minutes throughout the day and the ride from the airport to Atocha takes about 26 minutes in duration. The C-1 trains arrive into the Cercanías branch of the station, adjacent to the main Atocha station.
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