Do the bonuses for boats use up a day of travel on my Eurail Global Pass?

if I buy the 10 or 15 continuous day global pass and I decided to ride one of the boats in switzerland or rhine river germany that's included in the rail pass with discounted price, does that mean i used one day travel from my rail pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 23, 2018 17:06
    Hi Catherine,

    'Travel days' are not applicable to the 'consecutive' (continuous) passes, since these passes are for unlimited travel within the time frame allowed. There is no 10 day consecutive/continuous option of the Eurail Global Pass, but there is a 15 day consecutive/continuous option.

    'Travel days' only apply to flexi passes.

    With regard to the flexi versions of the Eurail Global Pass:

    For any bonus that's free, it would use up a 'travel day' on the Eurail Global Pass.

    If it's a discounted bonus, it generally would use up a 'travel day' on the Eurail Global Pass.

    The only boats free with a Eurail Global Pass are the BLS boat services on Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. Therefore, to use your Eurail Global Pass on these boats would require the use of a travel day.

    All other boats, including boats on Lake Lucerne and Lake Geneva, are 50% off with a Eurail Global Pass. Since such boats are not completely covered by the pass, a travel day would not be used up.

    The 'KD German Rhine Line' cruises on the Rhine are discounted 20% with a Eurail Global Pass. Therefore, this would not require the use of a travel day.
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