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Munich to Kufstein with a Eurail Global Pass: Can I just hop on or are Reservations Required?

I noticed that the price for seniors drops from $28 to $12 for economy rides from Munich to Kufstein, but there's another difference as well: with the pass, some rides cannot be reserved, others require reservations. Without the pass, the notes about reservations disappear, so it seems that not having a pass gives you more freedom.
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  • Hi Rich,

    From Munich to Kufstein, there are either EC (EuroCity) Brennero trains or Meridian trains, both of which run along the scenic 'Rosenheim-Kufstein Railway'. Any rail pass that includes both Germany and Austria is valid on both of these train types between Munich and Kufstein. Therefore, a rail pass would in no way restrict you to certain trains on a route like this.

    Generally, reservations are recommended on EC Brennero trains, but you could probably go without a reservation for the short distance just from Munich to Kufstein. On the Meridian trains, reservations are not even accepted, so the rail pass is all you would need to board.

    Our website may indicate the EC Brennero trains as requiring reservations. Rest assured, you can disregard that message, as that is not the case. Unless you were to take one of these trains across the border into Italy, reservations are only recommended on these trains.

    When searching for regular tickets, the messages about reservations do not appear, because they are not relevant. If a particular train requires reservations, then the reservation would automatically be included with any purchase of a regular ticket for that train (the only exceptions being trains in Portugal and Ireland, where reservations are only able to be added locally), thus eliminating the need to communicate that the extra action/step of purchasing reservations has to be taken.
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