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Can we still take advantage of deals such as the coverage to cross from copenhagen to sweden with the global pass or do we need to get the sweden pass? And similarly, if I get the global pass does that cover to deals in switzerland?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 20, 2012 20:03
    Hi Kailey,

    Denmark and Sweden are 2 of the 23 countries that a Eurail Global Pass covers. Therefore, the Eurail Global Pass does cover the ticket costs for a trip from Copenhagen into Sweden, and you would not need to purchas a separate pass for Sweden.

    To view the countries covered with a Eurail Global Pass, you would access the page for this pass on our website. Here is the link:

    To view the bonuses offered with the Eurail Global Pass, you would just click on the 'Travel Bonuses' tab on that page. For the bonuses in Switzerland, you would then just click on the link for Switzerland. The direct link is here:
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    Eurail Global Pass transportation coverage.

    Hi there,

    I and my friends are planning on backpacking in western Europe and I'm deciding on purchasing the 21 continuous days Eurail Global pass, but I'm quite confused about its coverage area.
    This is our rough plan, France (Paris-marseille-nice), Switzerland (zermatt-lauterbrunnen-berne-zurich), Germany (cologne-munich), Austria (vienna-salzburg-innsbruck) and Italy (venice-rome-florence-milan)

    1. Does Eurail Global pass cover metro in paris? TGV?
    2. Does Eurail globas pass cover all the international rails for my route?
    3. Would it worth to buy global pass and buy cities trains if the global pass doesn't cover the cities trains?
    4. Or Would it be better to buy select pass for germany austria and italy and cities pass in france (as France is not included in select pass) and a swiss pass?
    5. Is there any great offer of cities pass in any country?
    6. Does the pass of each country such as swiss pass cover international rails to boardering countries?
    7. Is there any option that suit my route better?

    I can't think of any question right now haha. I and my friends are under 26 so I understand that we would get youth prices and we're trying to keep all the prices as low as we can. And this is our first trip to Europe by ourselves so it would be nice to get some tips.
    Thanks !
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