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I’m anxious

Got charged 4 times on my credit and impossible to call the customer service


I am really disappointed because I am not able to contact RailEurope. I tried at least 10 times via the website and it always says "a problem occured while sending your message". I tried to call at least 4 or 5 times and it says that there's to many calls and it hangs up. I really need to find a solution to my problem and fast and I was expecting a better customer service from a big company like RailEurope. The website is not easy to understand and because of that I got charged 4 times the tickets for trains in Europe. I thought there were a problem because it kept saying that my credit card is not working. I did not receive any email confirmation and now I see on my bank account that I got charged 1500$. Please help me asap, I need to get a refund.
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