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Why do train routes from Madrid, Barcelona, Cordoba or Seville TO Granada not appear? There are some direct routes I know. When will Granada have their high speed rails completed. I know Antequera is one town to make connections but I am interested in the direct routes especially from Cordoba or Seville?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) November 28, 2017 19:33
    Hi Mary Louise,

    The work on the rail line just outside Granada has been going on for several years at this point, so there is no telling when they will have it completed. Until then, visitors to Granada must take the bus from Antequera.

    I do not show there to be any problems accessing these routes on our website for dates through February. The only thing is that the current version of our website requires you to type Antequera as 'Antequera Sta.Ana' in order to access schedules/costs for the routes from Seville or Cordoba.

    Note: If you happen to be prompted to enter a specific station for Seville on the next screen, you would choose 'Sevilla Santa Justa' from the drop-down menu that appears.

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