Geneva to Zermatt travel pass cost

how much is travel pass from gva-Zermatt-gva for 2 us snrs/
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) February 06, 2017 16:44
    Hi Lacy,

    To check ticket costs, you would click 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage ( and search a route.

    However, if you will only be traveling round-trip between Geneva and Zermatt, then I would recommend purchasing something called the 'Swiss Transfer Ticket' instead of regular tickets. The Swiss Transfer Ticket is a special ticket that covers one trip from any Swiss border or airport to a single destination in Switzerland and then one additional trip from that destination to any Swiss border or airport. Geneva is a city that count as a Swiss border or an airport. Therefore, the Swiss Transfer Ticket would be valid to cover your trip from Geneva to Zermatt and your trip from Zermatt back to Geneva. Both trips would just have to be completed within the time-frame of 1 month from one another.

    For the Swiss Transfer Ticket, you would click here:
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