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Handicaps, Students HELP

Hi my name is Jackie and I am trying to help my mom book and find pricing for rail passes or tickets. Our trip starts June 16th in London, and we would like to take day trips from London such as Brussels, or Stonehenge. Then on June 22 we need a train to Paris where we will be staying for another week and we want to take day trips from there. Finally on June 30th we will be staying in a hotel for a week at the Vatican city, and want to take day trip to Rome, Venice, Naples, Pompeii etc. In our party we have 1 Student, 1 Adult handicapped with a motorized scooter, 1 Senior handicapped with a motorized scooter, and 1 Adult also handicapped but mobile- a total of 4 passengers. I am going stir crazy trying to figure out the safest, fastest, cheapest, and "funnest" way to book these tickets. If you could help I would be extremely grateful. Also my mom wants to take a day trip to go to Switzerland and ride the chocolate train. I have no idea how this can be done or if it can but I had to ask. Also if you have any tips or suggestions for what we should do or go see I'm all ears figuratively. Thank you.
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