I’m angry!

Have paid money, but no confirmation email!!

I booked tickets from florence to rome and from rome to naples on 14th March. But I haven't received the final confirmation email. But this company had charged my card. When I check my raileurope account. It said these tickets expired. What a ridiculous thing! My trip start from April!

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  • Jeff (Official Rep) March 23, 2015 16:03
    Hi Yue Shi,

    I'm sorry, however, the following does not appear as though it was booked on our website. Please note, this page is for the United States-based seller of European tickets and passes for the North American market. As such, we are generally not able to sell to residents of countries outside of North America, due to local restrictions. Residents of countries outside of North America would have to book through an affiliated agent in their own country or region.

    If you happen to be from a country outside of North America, your order would've most likely been placed through a different vendor that services your country or region, and they are who you would have to contact in regards to your order. For a list of the agencies that service other parts of the world, you can refer to www.raileurope-world.com. Once you're on www.raileurope-world.com, you would just scroll down to the bottom to view a list of the various agencies with links to their specific websites.
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