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Heathrow Express to Coventry

Flying into Heathrow and then proceeding to the Coventry the same day. As we will be getting a BritRail Pass (flexipass), I understand that i will need to take the Express to Paddington station, transfer from there via the Tube to the Euston Station before catching the train Coventry. Will this count as one day on the Flexipass? I understand that I will have to pay separate for the Tube ride between the two stations. Thanks in advance.
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  • Dave (Official Rep) January 03, 2019 17:28
    Hello Ravi,

    Yes, this particular trip will only count as 1 day of travel on your Britrail Pass. A rail pass day is midnight to midnight, during which time you can take as many trains as you like, including the Heathrow Express, and you will use only 1 travel day. You are also correct, the Tube is not included in a Britrail Pass but you can purchase your ticket for the connection in person at Paddington station. Enjoy your trip!
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