Rail passes for Travel Agents?

I was wondering to you sell Eurail passes to Travel Agents, and also Train passes from Dublin to Edinburgh to London. We are looking for a 1 month Eurail pass?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 18, 2016 20:18
    Hi Daniel,

    To view the agency discounted products, you would click on 'Travel Agent Resources' under 'Agent Home' on the homepage of our travel agent website. On the next screen, you would click on 'Book Agent Discounts'. This would bring up another screen with the list of eligible passes and rules.

    With the exception of Ireland, 'Eurail' Passes are for countries on the mainland continent of Europe. Therefore, there is no 'Eurail' Pass option that would cover England and Scotland. Instead, to be covered in England Scotland, you would purchase a BritRail Pass, which does happen to be one of the passes that can be offered at an agency discounted rate. The BritRail Pass covers travel in England, Scotland, and Wales.

    To get from Dublin to Edinburgh, you would first have to take a ferry from Dublin to Holyhead in Wales. The pass would not cover this ferry, so you would have to purchase tickets for it directly through the ferry company. The companies operating ferries on this route are 'Stena Line' and 'Irish Ferries'.

    A connection from Holyhead to Edinburgh would take over 5 hours in duration and involves changing trains once in Crewe along the way.

    You can then take a direct train to get from Edinburgh to London.

    In addition to the pass, reservations are recommended on trains from Crewe to Edinburgh and Edinburgh to London. With that said, passholder reservations (reservations for any passenger traveling with a rail pass) for trains in the UK are only able to be made locally. Unlike throughout the rest of Europe, passholder reservations on trains in the UK are free. You can request reservations at any rail station when you're over there.

    Trains from Crewe to Edinburgh are Virgin Trains, while trains from Edinburgh to London are Virgin Trains East Coast.
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  • Hi Jeff,

    Has this changed? I logged in and dont see "Agent Home" or "Book Agent Discounts".

    • Jeff (Official Rep) October 31, 2017 21:28
      Hi Priscilla,

      After logging in, you just have to scroll down a bit and the options under 'Agent Home' will be on the right side of your screen in green text. Under 'Agent Home', you'll see options for 'My Agent Account', 'Travel Agent Resources', 'The Rail Agent Course: TRAC', and 'Refunds'. For agency discounted products, you would just click 'Travel Agent Resources'. On the next screen, you would click 'Book Agent Discounts' from the left margin.
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