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Help! Traveling to Europe soon and I can't get a train ride!


I bought a Global pass to travel between countries and I am trying to book a trip from Noisy le Grand station (Paris, France) to Pessca, France. Everytime I try to book a train online I get this error message "At this time, our online system can't find tickets or schedules for this trip." I called the 800 number but for them to book it for me, would cost $50. I would rather book it myself and save that money for traveling! Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Travel date: September 18th
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) August 16, 2016 19:19
    Hi Faye,

    I'm sorry, but I'm not able to find evidence of any place called 'Pessca' in France. Is that how it's spelled? Where in France is it located?

    Noisy le Grand is just a small commune outside of Paris, accessed by line A of the RER (the commuter rail network for the Paris metro area). As this is just a local commuter network, a Eurail Global Pass would not be valid.Therefore, you would just pay locally if you have to take an RER train between Noisy le Grand and Paris or anywhere else along this route.
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