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How can I change my profile from "adult" to "senior?"

When I created my RailEurope account, I was only in my early 50s. However, last year I passed that magic birthday number (60), and would like to take advantage of RE senior fares ... but it keeps showing me "adult" fares :-/ We're traveling to Italy in October, and I have to book rail tickets now.

I've already e-mailed RailEurope to ask them to fix this, but got no response. Can anyone help?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 24, 2017 21:12
    Hi Eileen,

    Your “name”, as you’re referring to it, has nothing to do with the name you entered when you created your profile. In fact, the actual profiles do not even ask for your age designation, so the name that’s attached to your profile would not have any bearing on your searches. After creating your profile, you would still have to enter your name when you do a search. The “name” to which you’re referring is simply from a previous search when you had identified yourself as an ‘adult’. You can clear that name and then just re-enter it, identifying yourself as a ‘senior’.

    To remove the name as you had previously entered it, you would click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen. On the next screen, also near the upper right, you would click ‘New’ (located in the box directly underneath the orange buttons for ‘Keep Shopping’ and ‘Check Out’). This would enable you to begin a new shopping cart and clear our your old information. You can then re-enter your name, identifying yourself as a ‘senior’.

    Keep in mind--even on trains that offer senior rates, there may be even better rates, not classified as ‘senior’ rates, that would be quoted to you instead. Therefore, even if you identify yourself as a senior, it is still likely that you won't be quoted fares labeled as 'senior' fares; it just depends on the availability. Rest assured, for any train/route, you would always be quoted the best available rates, be it a 'senior' or some other fare. Only some high-speed 'premier' trains even offer senior rates.

    Please note, all fares and availability are subject to change.
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