How can I reserve trains from Lisbon to Porto & Porto to Lagos? I have a Eurail Global Pass 2nd class

I want to know how to reserved seat from lisbon to porto and from porto to Lagos caus it is impossible with your site
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) April 09, 2018 21:18
    Hi Jeff,

    The rail network of Portugal only allows their reservations to be sold locally at the CP offices in the stations. Therefore, you would have to purchase these reservations when you're there. Just be sure to mention that you have the Eurail Global Pass, so that they don't charge for regular tickets.

    Reservations are required on the trains from Lisbon to Porto.

    A connection from Porto to Lagos involves going back down to Lisbon and then another train change in Tunes en route. Reservations are required on the trains from Porto to Lisbon and on the trains from Lisbon to Tunes. Trains from Tunes to Lagos are regional trains on which the Eurail Global Pass is all you need to board.
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