I’m worried and frustrated!

How do I find the chat???

I have a problem with my reservation. My husband and I are traveling together and the site didn't give me a place to select my seat and they booked our trip to Paris from London on two separate cars! How do I fix this?
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 28, 2017 17:44
    Hi Eileen,

    If you booked you and your husband in different orders, then there would have been no way for us to know to assign your seats together.

    If you're ever booking for a party, you would need to include all passengers within the same request. You would then automatically be seated together, should the train's remaining availability allow for it.

    With regard to your current tickets from London to Paris, I would recommend arriving to the station early to see if they can change your seats to be next to one another. Otherwise, you can try seeing if any neighboring passengers will switch with you, once you're on board the train.
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