How do I get from London to Brighton on the 24th in the afternoon?

Iam simply trying to find an afternoon train from London to Brighton and your website does not show any afternoon trains. It goes to 12 noon and no further. I need a 14:00pm tain if there is one
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 19, 2018 19:07
    Hi Heather,

    You would check schedules and purchase tickets from London to Brighton by searching the route under 'Book Train Tickets' on the homepage of our website,

    Due to an error on our website, the 'Later Trains' button does not function when you pull up the results of a schedule search. It also may be the case that only one or two departures show for each search you do. To get around this and view more departures, when entering the criteria of your search, you would need to adjust to the specific hour of the day for which you want to view schedules. If you want to view trains departing after 2pm, click '2PM'.

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