How do I make a reservation using my Renfe Spain Pass ?

I bough a Renfe Spain Pass and need to reserve seats on train. The electronic pass says I can do this on the website, I don't see an option for this.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) July 05, 2017 16:00
    Hi Gilda,

    What you see about being able to make reservations on our website would have to be referring to the Eurail Spain Pass, not the Renfe Spain Pass.

    With the Eurail Spain Pass, reservations are an additional cost. The Renfe Spain Pass, however, is unique in that reservation costs are already included in the cost of the pass itself.

    Even though there is no additional charge for reservations with the Renfe Spain Pass, it would still be required that you make reservations on each of your trains. With that said, the process for making reservations is different with this pass. If you purchase the Renfe Spain Pass, you would request your reservations just by replying to an email that we send to you when the order for your pass is processed. For planning purposes, you can check schedules by doing a search right on our homepage,

    The Renfe Spain Pass is also unique from the Eurail Spain Pass (and most other rail passes) in that it is issued electronically. When your order is processed, you would receive an email from us with a link to print the pass.

    It is also important to note that the Renfe Spain Pass is purchased for 'segments', as opposed to 'travel days'. A 'segment' refers to each individual train you take (i.e. '6 Segments in 1 Month'=6 different trains in 1 month).

    For the Renfe Spain Pass, you would click here:
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