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How do you book from Colmar, France to Bacharach, Germany?

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  • August 19, 2016 14:28
    Change in reply by Jeff to Hi Vickie, The most feasible connections from Colmar to Bacharach would take just over 4 hours in duration and involve 2 train changes en route; once in <a href="" rel="nofollow">Strasbourg</a> and then once in <a href="" rel="nofollow">Frankfurt</a>. Of the trains comprising of this connection, you would only need reservations on the segment from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Strasbourg to Frankfurt</a>. Trains from <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Strasbourg to Frankfurt</a> are <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">France-Germany High Speed</a> (<a href="" rel="nofollow">TGV Est</a>) trains. Trains from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Colmar to Strasbourg</a> and Frankfurt to Bacharach are regional trains that don't even accept reservations. Therefore, the <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:">Eurail Global Pass</a> would be all you'd need to board for these segments. For travel with a rail pass, you would purchase reservations for a train from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Strasbourg to Frankfurt</a> by clicking the 'Seat Reservations' tab on our homepage (<a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Link:"></a>), inputting the route, and indicating the type of rail pass with which you'll be traveling (i.e. a 'Eurail Global Pass'). For planning purposes, you can still view schedules for the non-reservable segment from <a href="" rel="nofollow">Colmar to Strasbourg</a> by doing a search under 'Find Train Tickets' on our homepage. Generally, when just searching for schedules for non-reservable trains, you would have to be sure the 'No' option is checked where it asks you 'Are you traveling with a rail pass?'. Schedules for the direct trains from Frankfurt to Bacharach, however, are not able to be displayed on our site. These trains depart once every couple hours throughout the day, and the ride takes just over an hour. If you'd like to inquire about specific schedules for the segment from Frankfurt to Bacharach, you would call us. We can be reached at 1-800-622-8600..

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