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Not having any luck using the Rail Europe app to research if I simply can get on a train and ride with a Eurail Global Pass?

I tried using the Rail Europe app on my iPad and found only frustration. Trying to enter Departing cities like Montreux, Lucerne (or Luzern), Prague, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, Ljubljana, Feldkirch, all I got was a blank box. The only ones that worked were Chamonix and Munich. So if I succeed in getting to Lucerne, do I just stand on the platform, stick out my thumb, and try to hitch a ride?
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  • Hi Rich,

    Due to the complexity and logistics of coordinating fares and schedules of countless rail networks and train operators throughout Europe, our app is still in its preliminary stages of development and is currently only useful for some specific functions/countries. Primarily, the app is only useful for regular point-to-point tickets in countries where tickets can be issued electronically (i.e. France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK). We are very sorry if the app isn’t helpful for the purposes you need.

    If you’re just trying to access schedules, then I would recommend using our main website. Even then, if the route you’re trying to search involves multiple train changes along the way, you would need to know where and how to break up your search. Generally, you would have to piece together such a connection by breaking up your search at points along the way and going segment-by-segment. If you do not know where to break up a particular search, you can let us know and we can advise you.
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    • Tours for the area around Lucerne can be found here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/switzerland/lucerne/.

      For time spent in Prague, you can view various city passes and tours offered by clicking here: https://www.raileurope.com/en/activities/czech-republic/prague/.
    • There is maintenance on the rail line between Basel and Karlsruhe going on until October 7th. If your travel happens to fall before then, you would not be able to take the direct ICE train from Basel and Karlsruhe. If your travel falls before October 7th, please call us, so we can advise you of the details and offer possible alternatives. Otherwise, you can go with the overnight connection from Lucerne to Prague that I advised of.

      If your travel is after October 7th, then you should be able to take a direct ICE from Basel to Karlsruhe no problem.
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