How to get from London to Brussels Central train station?

I am going from London to the Hilton Grand Station in Brussels. What is the best way to get there.
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  • Hi Sarah.

    To get from London to Brussels, you would take the high-speed 'Eurostar' train. The 'Eurostar' arrives into the Brussels Midi station, which is the main station in Brussels.

    You would purchase tickets for a train from London to Brussels by clicking on 'Find Fares & Schedules' on our homepage ( and entering the route.

    The 'Eurostar' is unique in that it can generally be booked up 6 to 9 months in advance of a departure.

    The Central station in Brussels is more of a local station. There are local trains from the Midi station to the Central station departing every few minutes, and the ride only takes about 3 minutes. You would pay locally to board a train from the Midi station to the Central station.
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