On a rail pass, how do you count the days of travel for each country? We're going from Munich to Vienna & then from Vienna to Budapest another day.

On the day travelled is it only the country of origin that is counted for that day? In other words we start in Munich and go to Vienna Austria....Then from Vienna to Budapest in another day. Is that one day of train travel in Austria or two....I say ONE but I need to be certain.
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  • Jeff (Official Rep) June 09, 2014 18:35
    Hi Charlene,

    You do not have to do a certain number of travel days in each country. With a multiple country rail pass, the number of travel days you choose can be divided between the countries however you wish. The travel days would not be counted "by country", but instead for all countries collectively. The countries included on a particular multiple country rail pass can just be thought of as one geographical area you can travel within for the purpose of the pass.

    If you take a train from Munich to Vienna (Railjet trains) one day and then you take a train from Vienna to Budapest (also Railjet trains) another day, that would use up 2 days of travel on your pass (1 day for your trip from Munich to Vienna and another day for your trip from Vienna to Budapest).
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