How is Zurich metro use included in pass?

Will be based in Zurich and will spend a week around zurich using the metro network then 5 days going by train to nearby towns. In a flexi swiss rail pass does it include the zurich metro network as well? Does it require using a train day to use the local metro network with the pass?
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  • Hi Will,

    You can use the Swiss Flexi pass on the metros with in Zurich, however, since it is a free service it will take a day off of your pass. However, if you are planning to use a day and take a day trip somewhere, then you would be able to use the pass that day with in the city of Zurich.
    Please note that the pass will also allow you to get into museums all over Switzerland and those would also take a day off of your pass if you are not traveling anywhere by train that day.
    I hope you enjoy your trip to Switzerland. Have a great day!
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