How to get from Cannes to Poppi Arezzo

In my upcoming trip to Europe I want to get from Cannes, France to Poppi Arrezo, Italy, but I can't find a schedule for it on the Rail Europe site. Does anybody know how to find out where the closest train stations to Poppi are located or how to go about scheduling this part of my trip?
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  • The closest you can get to Poppi Arezzo is Arezzo, which is about 37 kilometers. From Cannes you will take a train to Ventimiglia, Milan and Florence before getting to Arezzo. Please break up the journey into individual segments from Cannes to Ventimiglia, Ventimiglia to Milan, Milan to Florence and Florence to Arezzo. You can find the fares and schedules by using the following link Fares and schedules for travel within Italy are available approximately 90 days prior to the travel date.
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